September 2015 Writing Analysis

As part of the point of JackoWrites.com, my major goal is to get published, I feel it is important to get the ball rolling. I’ve been writing science fiction since 2004 but am without a single published piece and I want to change that as soon as possible. Nobody is aware of my work and if I continue to potter like I have been nobody ever will. The time is ripe.

The Catalyst for Change

I decided to have a go at a commercially published book after having some minor success with my blogging blog (BlogPrefect.com), completely unrelated to my science fiction, fiction and fantasy works. I felt that if I could field the heat from other readers on my work then I owed it to my written works to publish them.

Writing for me is a passion and a love. I never tire of it.

There are two things that have always held me back from going further with my writing despite having gone deep into the process.


Everybody hates a critic. I’m no exception. I do admit it is a necessary evil and I should approach it in an adult way but for a long time my writing has been my own. I’ve approached it in a childish fashion, avoided critique where I could, and have just hid my work away like a hermit.

The truth is that you can be your own worst critique and over coming those demons can be tough. I feel I’m at the right level now to let it all go and let the sails take the wind.

Fear of being average

I’ve had a general fear of whether I was just average. Average is the level I seem to have performed in life and that fear my writing would be much the same. Not to cast any scathing comment on other writers but I’ve come across rather average novels in my time and don’t want to be just another one of those guys or gals sitting in a sea of average.

What changed?

The blogging changed matters, whilst I have had a few minor comments of negativity; predominantly I’ve done okay and in some cases, better than okay. This has relaxed me to criticism, to a degree, and I feel like I can emerge better despite it and because of it.

I don’t feel so average any more. I looked back on some of my old writing and it is still holding my attention. Of course, those ideas I carry forward need a few more drafts worth of work but I can definitely see it working for at least 5 of the titles so far.

To the Tally

Please note that all titles below are working titles. Predominantly I have named a series after the key character within but the book title may vary when finished. This list covers 95% of my written work. I am still finding some elements even now and updating my list. I have calculated that per hour I can write approximately 800 words. In practice I can write more but I’ve averaged this out.

Science Fiction:-


Adult Science Fiction (not content with one bunch of Science Fiction) These titles will not be revealed at this time as I may choose to write these under a pen name:-

These are classified as adult science fiction because they touch on adult themes.



Fantasy, Fiction, Non-Fiction:-



To point out some key areas, the light blue shading indicates that I have quarantined these writings in order to prioritise. As you can see, I’ve made a lot of starts.

1st Drafts

At present time Command Chariot is the only WIP at 1st Draft Status. In order to make it publish ready I would estimate that it needs to go through 2 more drafts.

Onwards Ho!

I will be setting up a page shortly so you can see the continued progress of this work. The link will follow here shortly.

Jackson Davies

I'm Jacko but I typically go by the name of Jackson. I've been writing since I could hold a pen and love the English language. I am owner to JackoWrites and BlogPrefect and have been seriously blogging since June 2013. This is my second sister blog to Blogprefect.com and is a hub for literary projects in the main. I plan to launch plenty from this site over the coming years but keep an eye out in the mean time.