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Not everything has to be about books in the writing world and this section is no exception. PDF Guides are a quick way to give someone a lot of value and in developing my Blogs I realise that sometimes you need to give a bit more than what is provided on the server. PDFs are the first stage in providing your audience with something to take away. Some experts bemoan giveaways but they can be a useful way to build a relationship.

My Very First PDF guide was published here on www.jackowrites.com

30th June 2017: Writer’s Block Guide (6th Edition)

Download Here

This Guide was developed for those who have issues with getting in the mood to write. Every writer, big or small, has at some point had a writing crisis, a demotivating event, a bare patch. This guide is designed to help you get back on the wagon. The sixth edition weighs in at just over 13,000 words which comes at the amazing price of free.

Future updates will further cement this guide. My next update will include some much needed images.