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Since 14th July 2013 I have been actively running

In that time I’ve written over 200 articles. was an experiment to see how I got on with blogging and how I could carve out an audience and a place for my words. It has been an interesting experiment to date and I’ve had some big hits and some epic fails along the way.

One thing I learnt from the experience was how, just by picking the wrong topic, you can expend hours needlessly on a well written piece that nobody will ever read. It is rather sad but true.

In many ways blogging is a bit of a game show; pick the right area, garner an audience who adore you and make a series of correct choices resulting in fame and fortune. It doesn’t necessarily happen that way or that quickly. Blogging can be a slow game which led to me being nervous of launching JackoWrites in the first place.


Guest Posts

To date I’ve only written one guest post and the experience put me off but I won’t let it silence me forever!

Click this link to view! Custom Fit versus Cookie Cutter?

I expect you will agree that it wasn’t earth shattering. During the time I wrote this article I was getting on my feet and finding the way of blogging articles. They are not anything like writing a novel. You have to be conversational and laser accurate.



I have provided contributions to two of Eli Seekins articles.

23rd June 2016 – 143 Fatal Mistakes New Bloggers Need To Avoid

22nd September 2016 – 61 Experts Reveal How To Consistently Create Epic Content (Even If You’re A New Blogger)



I have recently started writing with Medium because it looks like a fun collaborative platform.

Robots: Friend or Enemy – Published 3rd November 2016

The Man by the Name of Rubic – Part 1 – Published 10th November 2016

Caffeine: A Former Addict Confession – Published 18th November 2016

A Cell Phone History – Published 23rd November 2016