The purpose of JackoWrites

Jackowrites.com has been created as motivation material, to provide the assistance that I feel some bloggers need, and to expand my presence. I believe that often the danger with blogs is that you can quite easily become self-indulgent. Blogging normally stems from an individual’s viewpoint, comments were added to allow community to make comment, to provide supporting or contrasting view and to further the conversation. Social media has grown to support blogs because posts are linear and can soon become lost, social media keeps that conversation moving and dynamic. The search engines need to know how much reach an article has and whether it is good value or set for the dustbin.

JackoWrites.com has been conceived through the need to follow a passion. I am a keen writer and have always enjoyed the English language. I remember a time when I struggled reading and was forced to read more by one of my teachers, that helped me become a story teller, because I began to really concentrate.

So why JackoWrites.com?

I actually wanted JacksonWrites.com but it was taken and you’ll find if searching for domains that many are disappearing on a daily basis. This goes to prove how popular starting a new website is for many people around the world. I’m happy with Jacko though, it was my handle in the halcyon days of Quake deathmatch where I was named Jackochainsaw. Man I loved the grenade launcher but that is a story for another time.

There is a great deal of opportunity as a writer under the current trend of electronic books and the passion for book reading has been rekindled. Many people’s habits have changed from being couch potatoes watching the television to more creative pursuits but there has always been a steady line of people waiting to read something. Reading is a very fulfilling activity. Reading allows you to connect with a person on an intimate level. Writing should therefore be handled with care, performed as an art, and be relevant.

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