515 Lost World Saga Progress April – June 2017

Well, it seems like a hell of a long time since I last performed an update. I’ve been so busy actually doing the writing that I haven’t had time to update recently. There is a lot to update you all on with regards to the saga. So far I have committed in excess of 60,000 words. The only problem is that is for book 4.

Book 4 Progress

I had such a brainwaves on book 4 that I had to get it down. Work has also been quiet so I’ve been writing a lot during my working hours because I haven’t been challenged recently. Obviously, I do drop book writing time for getting the important things done but recently my soul concentration has been my book 4 shape. The 1st draft has come together so much quicker than Book 1’s did.

Characterisation in Book 4

I have quite a quirky group of individuals for this book and for Kyro (aka 515), there will be quite a few love interests to choose from. It is going to be an enjoyable time.

Natural Breaks

There are a number of natural breaks in Book 4, the book itself fits fairly neatly within 3 acts and has a suitable ending, a bit more upbeat than those planned in Books 2 and 3.

Returning to Book 1

I plan to stop writing the first draft shortly and return to work on Book 1. I feel I am getting close to an editor now and am happy about that realisation. Ideally I want to have the book finished by the end of the year if possible and then be actively promoting it whilst working on the next installment.

Where is Book 2?

Book 2 didn’t get all that much love. I had initially started something on Book 2 but feel that its overall arch might shift to fall more in line with what I’ve established further on.

Where is Book 3?

Book 3 is in a similar state to book 2. There is some rough framing but ultimately it will be a journey to fill out the concept further.


Onwards and updwards!


Breakers Situation Report

Breakers is an alternate Science Fiction book that I had been writing prior to the 515 Saga. This is a working title as I'm pretty sure someone would have claimed the word by now. This novel features a post war future where Humanity have been split down the middle.

At over 100,000 words

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515 Lost World Saga Progress March 2016

March passed by like a blur like Marches always do. Can you remember March? I always struggle in the year. A lot has bitten at my time apple this month so my novel progress was lower than expected. I managed to cram in a few days of good work towards the end of the month but there hasn’t been a mass of progress.

Now that I’m not recording word count, so much as repairing certain elements, I am continuing along the vein of tightening up the structure. I am still replacing as many “Thing” “Very” and “Like” words as I can. I am also trying to simplify and bolster areas that need it.

My novel is growing now in terms of chapters. First draft reached 11 and by means of spreading things out into better sections I have now reached 15 chapters (and growing). I’m more than half way through the novel and it is proceeding well.

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515 Lost World Saga Progress February 2016

February is traditionally the short month. Even with a leap day this year, it is still the shortest month of the year. It also passed by very quickly.

The Lost World Saga as noted in the last post, is happily into the 2nd Draft stage. Reporting will now change because my new target is not based on Word Count.

February Progress 2016

515 Lost World Saga Progress February 2016

Draft 2 for me is about architecture. I am breaking down the established chapters I’d created in 1st Draft and redistributing them into smaller bite-size chunks.

The first 3 chapters have been inflated to 9 smaller chapters ranging from 2,500 – 4,000 words.

I have also taken a further look at the language used in 2nd draft to remove a certain adverb and two other trouble words. In order to make the writing a deeper read, I’ve taken away words that I use regularly but don’t do much by the way of description.

  • VERY (Adverb)
  • LIKE (Preposition)
  • THING (Noun)

When I rewrite any of my sentences to exclude these three danger words, they are lifted from humdrum to hazzah in seconds. I fully expect that when I submit the final manuscript for editing, there will be a number of other bad habits that once higlighted, can be eliminated.

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