Breakers Situation Report

Breakers is an alternate Science Fiction book that I had been writing prior to the 515 Saga. This is a working title as I’m pretty sure someone would have claimed the word by now. This novel features a post war future where Humanity have been split down the middle.

At over 100,000 words and growing, this novel has viability. It was one of the works that was saved from being quarantined. I could only start my work on it recently because the initial 515 Saga novel is undergoing its first beta read process.

The Categorisation

Category is something you have to think about as a self-publisher. The topic can’t be too obscure otherwise you are only going to interest a reduced sphere of readers.

  • Breakers is set in a post war setting, approximately 4 years after a cataclysmic galactic war.
  • Rather than gallivanting around the galaxy the novel is set on an ‘M’ class planet named Asper.

The protagonist is a former pilot by the name of Edward Verge. His callsign was ‘Breaker’, the titular name of the book (albeit this is a working title). Edward or Eddie as he is more familiarly known, is a veteran ace from the most prolific squadron. He fought for the Diran Empire, one of the victors of the war.

The Setting

A deep depression affects most of the Galaxy. The Coalition side have fared a lot worse than the Spiral Arm. Prisoners serving in the labour camps have now been released in most cases. Certain higher tiered prisoners are being released in Verge’s current time frame. These higher tier prisoners are the type that cause tension.

Asper was a neutral colony during the war but had recently been annexed by the winning ‘Arm’ side. This has sparked tensions between the locals and drifters. A third dynamic is the losing ‘Coalition’ side that are also in search of jobs. Whilst retaliation crimes are rare, they do happen and the Coalition are considered a lower class.

Eddie has to step a line across these boundaries whilst running a successful salvage operation. He works in a dangerous area of space when not working on the ground. This part of space is known as the Cardugan corridor. The area is a rich zone for debris that filters in through other parts of the galaxy through wormholes and other spacial distortions.

Through an unfortunate incident he attracts the ever watching eye of the Emperor and is thrust back into a difficult mission in formerly hostile lands.


There are a great number of bipedal Humanoid races in this galaxy in contrast to the 515 Saga.

  • Humans
  • The power-house built-like-an-ox race
  • The Semi-Aquatic race
  • The tall yet agile race
  • The mysterious, untrustworthy race
  • The mischievous, secretive race
  • The deeply religious race
  • The gifted yet conflicted race
  • The by the by race
  • The smart, technological race
  • The ancient race
  • The questionable thief race
  • The hated race
  • The traveller race
  • & More


There will be a number of factions, wherein some will consist of sub factions.

The Spiral Arm:

  • Diranese Imperial Galactic Core (Humans)
  • Arral Nation
  • Konobe Syndication
  • Hect

The Coalition:

  • Outer Sector Unification (Humans)
  • Naub Nation
  • Ressican Nation
  • The Duritribe Sifondrans

The Neutrals:

  • Everybody else

Where We Pick Up

Edward has finally started to see the green shoots from his efforts. It has taken him a number of years of hard graft following the end of the war.  Some of the old wounds between Arm and Coalition have healed.

Not everything is going to run to plan.


Owing to having downed this novel for a long period whilst working on another, I have found it difficult to get back in the writing seat again. I have read through the works twice and am working to read through it a third time. I’ve started to find my way with writing the meat of the book again but it has taken me longer than usual.

Chapters 13 and 14 are my current view. In the first draft I always set myself a max chapter limit of 10,000 words. Future drafts will nibble down this size until I have a series of readable sections.

This novel was started in 2009.

Major Changes


I am unhappy with the switching character view and am likely to rewrite some chapters as a result.


I am also having to modify this to remove some areas that I consider might be too close to the cuff for some readers. Whilst it pains me to remove those elements I feel it is best overall. I will have a second thought on this before making the changes.


Humanoid aliens are in question at the moment mostly because we believe that we are unlikely to run into a species that resembles anything remotely Human in shape, size and form. Whilst the races that occur in this novel have key differences in their makeup, essentially they are all fairly Human.

Trouble with languages are also non-existent in this future owing to a passive translation. I have borrowed my Humanoid template from the Star Trek idea of a recognisable creator race. In a sense the ‘Stoerens’ are the creator race being the oldest in the galaxy. The least recognisably Human race are the Hect who in general have multiple limbs. I haven’t gone too far beyond the sensible in terms of non-carbon based lifeforms, AI based lifeforms and other races considered outside the box.


There will be some romance in this novel. Hopefully not too much of the Shepard/Tali kind vis-a-vis Mass Effect. Nobody likes a tease.

Some of the Humanoid species can produce hybrid offspring from a Human, this might be on the cards for Ed.


Major Progress

Since picking up this novel again I’ve written over 50,000 words in just under a month and have really had the wick turned up on this production. It feels great!

More updates to come.


Image Credits

Night Sky feature image by Unsplash from Pixabay. I didn’t need to provide any attribution but Unsplash has been a hero on my other blog.

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