BlogPrefect Progress January 2018

In this article I wanted to communicate some of the activity occurring on my other platform.

Jackowrites is where I want it at the moment. There is always room for more but what there is, is enough. Therefore my eyes turn a different direction.

BlogPrefect Offensive

As you may or may not know, BlogPrefect.com is JackoWrites.com’s sister site. BlogPrefect was the blog that started my blogging endeavours in June 2013. The creation of BlogPrefect led to the creation of JackoWrites.com in December 2014.

JackoWrites.com learnt a lot from BlogPrefect, but was also in part a testbed, to improve upon the overall look of a blog. JackoWrites will be the eventual hub of all of my writing endeavours, mostly because there are a number of science fiction books in the works that cannot be attributed to BlogPrefect brand, and would muddy the waters.

My plans for Jackowrites.com, beyond just writing, was to make it a control center for entrepreneurial undertakings. You can already see that it is laid out differently than BlogPrefect.com.

I am returning to BlogPrefect after some time of neglect. As you will see in the stats below, 2017 had some issues and was my lowest output year of the whole campaign.


The Troubled 2017

2017 proved a great challenge to motivation in particular because I had lost some of my interest in blogging after what you might class as a lacklustre 2016.

One of my major frustrations with blogging is that certain articles do incredibly well for no apparent reason. It is when you commit 2,000-3,000 words on an article that you really try to polish to the nth degree, which flounders, that you are justified to be ‘miffed’. Especially when an 800 word article, that you didn’t think anybody would find interesting, kicks it’s butt.

In addition, and I realise this, my publicising efforts for these posts is poor. If I spent even half the time promoting my blogs as I did writing them, I’d be further along.

Some of the proverbial ‘share wells’ have dried up. Google+, one of my favourite share wells, has dried up completely. The places I used to drop my articles became a complete bun-fight. Certain people started abusing the good nature of the sharing system and it subsequently died. I never found good replacements to those kinds of share wells so it leaves me in a sparse position right now.


Stats For All The Years To Date on BlogPrefect.com

Firstly, this nice stat page can be located in WordPress.com’s dashboard under ‘insights’.

Note: You won’t have access to this if your website isn’t a self-hosted WordPress based theme, or a free blog hosted on WordPress.com.

As you can see, 2017 was abysmal in terms of effort. Both 2015 and 2016 had at least 1 post a month.

The data presented is not entirely indicative of total posts. During 2016 I had deleted a large number of non-performers, that is to say articles that no longer performed any benefit for BlogPrefect.com. I also deleted niche polluting posts, those posts that did well, but had no relevance to the site’s purpose.

2017 Wasn’t a Complete Bust

I had some really great interactions with other blog members.

Ahmad Imran (reasontouse.com) and Eli Seekins (Launchyourdream.com) were two guys I really enjoyed interacting with.

Despite a meagre 5 posts, those posts did quite well.

My Medium forays also reinvigorated me for returning to the blogging joy. You can read about my medium journey after 7 months here and the follow up after a year, here.


Promises I Often Make at the Start of the Year

Bigger, more, better; that’s my standard promises. The only promise I am making in 2018 is not a decline. Maximum effort. FTJ = Fuel The Jet.

My first objective is to write more articles of great quality to surpass 2017. That task I believe to be child’s play. I’m already 2 fifths of the way there by the start of the 2nd month.

Beyond that objective, more global interaction. I don’t engage as much as I should. BlogPrefect.com cannot be a silo.

Just doing better is good enough for now. Doing smarter is also important.


Thinking More About a Product

Already, as you can see on JackoWrites, I have a free giveaway to the right in the sidebar. It’s my Writer’s Block Guide. An evolutionary draft that you get for exactly free. No catches. I’m not tracking metrics (yet). You can download it, and benefit. It’s not finished, it might be a bit ugly, but it has plenty of help laced inside.

I’m developing the guide slowly, so that eventually it will be a guide that people have to pay for. The aim of development is so that it becomes more useful, more sensible in how it is laid out, and ‘epic’ in order for the consumer to get what they pay for (eventually).

The fact that you get the guide free now, is because it’s 80% done, it’s rough around the edges, and I wouldn’t say as yet, that it is better than the 2 dozen top writer’s block guides that you can buy from Amazon. When it is finished it will be up there, but for now you get something good for free. Once it comes off that sidebar, another guide will replace it.


What About BlogPrefect’s Product?

On BlogPrefect.com, I need something similar, and I have a few ideas for areas that could benefit from a guide to the scope that the Writer’s Block Guide takes. The problem I have, is that I still feel like a fraud with blogging. Mostly because in some degree I haven’t done that well so far. I am happy to admit that fact, because I believe you should accept where you are, and know where you need to get to. It’s called being real.

That said, being open in that fashion opens you up to what I class as ‘shamers’. These are the kinds of individuals who shove a generic email through your inbox, trying to ply their trade by making you feel inadequate. They know you are a little sensitive on the area so they insert the ‘shame’ to try and coax you into considering their services. That only acts to annoy me, the complete opposite of their goal. Not only does it annoy, it guarantees I will never take their company seriously again.

The best kind of business is where the customers come to you for your quality product. Hard sells work but they don’t establish good relations.


In Closing

Back in the old days of blogging, I felt like I needed a football field of fans in order to win. I realise now, you don’t need that many. If I had 50 people like Ahmad, I doubt my enthusiasm would ever dip. The rest would then arrive.

I have found over the last 3 years that there is one particular area I could write a decent guide, and one that a lot of people need help with. It’s probably the simplest area, but also the most underused (or more efficiently used). I won’t say what that is going to be just yet. You’ll have to wait and see (but if you’ve been on BlogPrefect.com, it should become clear).


Jackson Davies

I'm Jacko but I typically go by the name of Jackson. I've been writing since I could hold a pen and love the English language. I am owner to JackoWrites and BlogPrefect and have been seriously blogging since June 2013. This is my second sister blog to Blogprefect.com and is a hub for literary projects in the main. I plan to launch plenty from this site over the coming years but keep an eye out in the mean time.