JackoWrites.com was created to form a hub for core writing from many areas of Jackson Noel Davies’ writing and to provide hints and tips for authors, bloggers and those who love writing.

The Author – Jackson Noel Davies:

I initially launched this blog in late December 2014 but was woefully unprepared owing to a heavy schedule in my Honours Degree in Business Studies being conducted during full-time work. You realise just how everything can become a major juggling act. With an already busy period of activity both my blogs suffered for some time whilst I returned back to force.

JackoWrites remained like a barren moon, without life or love. I started getting into the swing during the summer of 2015 after my first novel started coming close to completion.

It was thanks to a community on Google+ that I got back into a more constructive period of writing. Deciding on a single book to write freed me from being lost and demotivated.

Why JackoWrites?

I’ve been writing Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy for years. It has always been a hobby of mine to write. I love this medium and where it can take you. I’ve always hid all of what I’ve been writing away, it has never become something that I’ve shared with others. Until now….

JackoWrites.com is a writing hub where I hope you can find what you are looking for, (if not you can tell me what you need).

Where My Writing Started

Obviously there is more to come and look forward to.

What else?

I am in search of various outlets for my writing products and writing aid. As part of running this blog, I intend to seek out a return to my efforts. My science fiction properties also gain pace and I look forward to my first self published foray in the not too distant future.