515 Saga Situation Report – Back From Beta 1

Back from Beta 1!

The very first beta read of my 3rd draft has returned which will now allow me to continue on the 4th draft. I was surprised at how long it actually took to go through this which is why I was led to write a huge amount of content for my alternative.

The beta read unwrapped

I’m going to be spending a fair bit of time developing the 4th draft alongside this initial review by my mother.

Deadline Set

Time to set a deadline for the new year. I want to have draft 4 finished by the end of February. This may be an ambitious target but I need to get this book moving on.


Breakers has moved on at quite a pace, shockingly the word count of this novel has skyrocketed to over 100,000 words making it considerably larger than The Lost World Saga. I have decided to park this novel in order to concentrate on the fine detail for the lost world saga. Getting back into Breakers was initially difficult because so much time had passed between where I had last left off and where I am now. Once I did get back into the swing I was surprised at how much value I churned back into this project.

Part of the re invigoration of this novel was also the realisation that I may end up scrapping some major elements from the start. There are certain characters that I’ll be removing as they don’t fit with the direction as well as I’d hoped.

515: Lost World Saga

Recently I’ve been paying attention to a specific cluster of characters that were introduced into the book around chapter 7. This group will be quite important in the second book so I have been working to ensure that the numbers are fully endowed with definitions to ensure that they work as a group. Crow Corps are a post Empire set of troops awoken from a deep slumber and left to discover that everything they knew is both long gone. Whatever vestiges of civilisation they once knew have been swallowed by the wasteland they now live in.

This corps, led by Karen Sekanada, will become integral to the 2nd installment of the saga.

Finer Details

First, Second and Third drafts of the saga have been short on the detail. I am mindful that I don’t want to dole out too much exposition but rather want the reader to satisfy some of the leaps and bounds themselves. However, as this novel does have some science to it I have to go deeper. As part of my initial beta reading cycle, my mother has picked out a number of areas that I need to work on.

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