515 Lost World Saga Progress May 2016

Progress has been slow this month mostly because I’m reaching a certain key point.

After the initial elation at reaching 3rd Draft, my progress on the final touches has slowed.

515 Lost World Saga Progress May 2016

The initial book has been difficult to add to mostly owing to the final element of my degree. During May I had reduced all of my efforts beyond the degree module in order to do my best in the final project. As of the 27th May – 31st May, the window finally eased.

I enacted a new initiative in the form of the “Lore Catalogue“, a document designed to chart special dates, places, concepts and people, chapter by chapter throughout the book.

I have slightly tweaked the prologue as I feel that a prologue is essential in a book like this.

I have also created a landing log which goes through the important 515s and the details surrounding them.

Future books

Q: Why start so early?

A: An observation made is that you can do a lot more in regards to promotion if you can establish a series.

Book 2 progress

I haven’t looked at the 2nd book in a considerable length of time. I could plough on with it but my focus is only completing the first at this time.

The 2nd book is a considerable departure from the first and I have a bad feeling I’m going to need to tweak it considerably to make the flow more acceptable.

Book 3 progress

I have been adding on average 150 words per night to the third book in the series. It is developing nicely for the start. By the end of May I had wrote a chapter of words and can see this being one of the easier books to complete.

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