515 Lost World Saga Progress June July 2016

The observant of you will notice that I didn’t get an update out last month owing to a busy period post graduation. I’m happy to announce that I’m now a BA (Hons) graduate in Business Studies and it has been 8 years in the making. I’m looking forward to my graduation ceremony at the Brighton Dome on the 24th September.

515 Lost World Saga Progress June July 2016

Progress has entirely stalled on the first Lost World Saga book. I am in the process of getting the book ready to print. My ‘Beta’ Beta readers can work their way through the book and identify weaknesses.

Book 1

Book 1 has no new ground to break so far. It just needs to be printed.

Book 2

The second installment of the Saga has been causing me major problems mostly because I both love the start and ends that I’ve put together but the middle is very lost right about now.

I have a dilemma that I need to solve fairly soon. The decision has a major bearing on how these books are structured for the remainder of the saga.

Book 2 towards the end of July had been my particular focus. I opted to make a rough ending that I’d been considering for a while then use my own advice from my Writer’s Block Guide to chart more of the story from the back to the front. Non-Linear writing is very useful.

Book 3

The third book in the series is motoring along. I’m already into 10,000 words of the start of the odyssey and have enjoyed every second of developing the beginning of the third book. The scope made available by Book 2’s ending has allowed me to explore many possibilities. I have decided to pause at the moment to ensure that my focus remains on book 1.


Looking Ahead, I should get some good time to commit to writing, especially whilst onboard my flight to New York City and back again. This year is flying by!

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