515 Lost World Saga Progress February 2016

February is traditionally the short month. Even with a leap day this year, it is still the shortest month of the year. It also passed by very quickly.

The Lost World Saga as noted in the last post, is happily into the 2nd Draft stage. Reporting will now change because my new target is not based on Word Count.

February Progress 2016

515 Lost World Saga Progress February 2016

Draft 2 for me is about architecture. I am breaking down the established chapters I’d created in 1st Draft and redistributing them into smaller bite-size chunks.

The first 3 chapters have been inflated to 9 smaller chapters ranging from 2,500 – 4,000 words.

I have also taken a further look at the language used in 2nd draft to remove a certain adverb and two other trouble words. In order to make the writing a deeper read, I’ve taken away words that I use regularly but don’t do much by the way of description.

  • VERY (Adverb)
  • LIKE (Preposition)
  • THING (Noun)

When I rewrite any of my sentences to exclude these three danger words, they are lifted from humdrum to hazzah in seconds. I fully expect that when I submit the final manuscript for editing, there will be a number of other bad habits that once higlighted, can be eliminated.

Problems or Issues?

I’ve not run into anything dark yet. I am a brilliant starter (even if I do say so myself) but I am expecting the middle and end to be sloppier in some areas.

I am mindful that my dialogue is not where I want it. It is going to take some work to compress and make sense of this area. Conversations have to be natural but as a writer you have to avoid stilted conversations. Sometimes less is more in this regard.

Prologue Introduced

I have included a prologue and am considering adding an epilogue. The Prologue is required to bring the reader up to speed with a potential future arch of development in Human history. It provides a taste of the Empire and how they came to be, how clone soldiers came about, and where all of the artificial life disappeared to.

Book 2: Exploration

I’ve actually started writing some exploratory journey into the first sequel. It will have a different structure to the first book in that it will comprise 3 distinct acts, unlike the 515 Lost World Saga, Part 1.

Book 2 has a bit more movement and is more dynamic than the initial installment owing to the fact that it spans over a further distance. Some of my established characters who didn’t get a good turn at the bat in the first installment will have more of a part to play in the second event. I am looking forward to getting deeper in that once the first book is complete.

How’s October 2016 Deadline Looking

The October milestone (millstone) is sketchy at the moment but if I pour my effort into finishing, I believe I can get it there.

3rd Draft is going to be an interesting zone. Here I will be concentrating on a number of elements:-

  • Dialogue
  • Scene setting
  • Continuity

As dialogue is an area I feel is week, this will receive considerable scrutiny and may burn some of my valuable time.

Major Concerns for Success

My major concern with my success is that I’m choosing to publish my book through the self publishing route. Going the traditional way can be difficult if you have no gravitas (no following, no fans, no footprint). I’ve chosen to make the splash on Kindle to start (but hopefully look at moving out from there when the exclusivity curtain expires). The issues with this dry start are that I need to drum up enthusiasm, get readers to read, get comments to be committed, receive ratings and sell copies.

In order to co-ordinate all of that I’m going to need:

  • Promotion channels
  • A clue
  • Sensible advice
  • Money

My worry stems from the fact that I still feel with my blogging venture over at blogprefect.com, I haven’t been able to drill down into the best way to satisfy my target audience. The problem with advertising is that people grow naturally tired of the medium over a period (it is why ad companies seek new means to promulgate their client’s products, services and systems because they realise that the smell of sell becomes odious). Your promotion has to compete with many others so finding a way to hook that buyer is essential, especially with the start of a series, or in this case the start of a career. Reach is far more vital now that places like Amazon have forced the prices down on Intellectual Property.

With that in mind, I’ve got an uphill start, and will need to forge plenty of iron in the foundry in order to get ahead.

For any lucky reader, reading at this point, you’ll note that my marketing on this blog is completely non-existent. I’ve held back on images, social media footprint, email subscription and lots more because I don’t have the time to commit those major improvements to this site. I’m moving through the eye of a very small needle at the moment with university commitments. Hopefully on the other side of May, I’ll be a graduate at last (it’s been a long time coming).

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