515 Lost World Saga Progress April 2016

All hail the 3rd Draft!!!

I have completed some rewrites towards the end of the novel in the 2nd Draft and will now move into making sure that the flow, established facts and consistency of lore and utility is maintained.

Chapter 26 was a target for rewriting. On the most part I have been able to avoid major rewrites by adding or subtracting. In this case the entire chapter was reworked to add more suspense.

I moved into the third draft on the 29th April and April overall has been a productive month for the 2nd Draft.

The Thin End of the Wedge

Due to my University commitment I have had to reduce overall time spent on the writing of all work. This has been a painful reduction in my overall output. My degree in business studies will conclude at the end of May (27th to be precise) this should open up the flood gates.

I fully expect there to be some draws on my time from the end of May to include:-

  • Decoration. My house is in dire need of some TLC with some electrical jobs as well as a good dose of paint and new carpets. The bathroom needs some tiling work as well as the new power assisted shower.
  • Paperwork. I have quite a lot of paperwork that needs to be reduced in size. Much of this has simply been filed but will need to be picked through and ratified.
  • Health. I need to lose some weight in order to feel better. At present I haven’t had much time available to dedicate to health but I look forward to dedicating more time to this aim in future.
  • Spring Clean. I have a lot of tech to sell. I plan to pay off for a major investment in a new camera by selling a large number of items that are gathering dust.
  • Prepare for holiday. I’ll be heading to North America in early August and possibly heading over for a long weekend in September.
  • Find a new job. Because I will be (hopefully) a graduate and require an uplift to pay for things and save for more.

Plans for the Third Draft

Consistency is a watch word for this draft. Rewrites may be required where characters are not given enough and where situations don’t carry enough emotion. I’m trying not to cover too much owing to the fact that I’ll be handing this out to a select group of readers for some tuning. I’ll be developing a list of items that I want this select group to comment on and keep an eye out for such as;

  • General grammar errors
  • Flow
  • Character cohesion

Teeing up my Parents for a “Beta Read”

My parents are hardcore readers. My mother, now retired, can read as many as 3 books a week. Both my parents have a particular interest in crime novels. Crime novels as a genre is a popular area. They may not be my ideal Science Fiction audience but they will help me to provide some valuable feedback. I am getting to a point now where the novel needs some user input because at the moment I don’t know how good it actually is or what is in scant detail or devoid.


By the Way…

I’ve written the third edition of my Writer’s Block Guide. I scared myself by looking on Amazon to see what the competition is like in terms of paid for guides. There appears to be over 74 pages of them. How’s mine different? You’d have to read it to decide. Obviously though, its free. Bargain!

Download Here

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